Community Links
At GCMP we believe in engaging with our clients to provide the best possible all round management and care for them during this wonderful time.

As an extension of the care, we also like to provide resource contacts for services and people in the community that we believe could be of assistance to our clients.

Our current Community Links are:

Acupuncturists -    Gus MacAnally

                                       The Medical Sanctuary

                                        150 Ashmore Road

                                         Benowa: Ph: 55645013

                                 Pip Sparks 


Calm Birth on the Coast - Sarah contact mobile: 0418 430769


Suggested Reading List

Pregnancy, Birth and Labour

The Natural Way to Better Babies Francesca Naish

The Natural Way to Better Birth and Bonding F. Naish & J.Roberts

New Active Birth Janet Balaskas

Water and Birth Janet Balaskas

Preparing for Birth Andrea Robertson

Birthing from Within Rob Horowitz & Pam England

Optimal Fetal Positioning Jean Sutton & Pauline Scott

Sit Up and Take Notice Pauline Scott

The New Pregnancy and Childbirth Sheila Kitzinger

Gentle Birth Gentle Mothering Dr Sarah Buckley


I Can Do That Sue Cox

Bestfeeding Renfew, Fisher & Arms

Breastfeeding Sheila Kitzinger

Australian Breastfeeding Assoc. Booklets ABA

Follow Me Mum (DVD)

Coping With the First Week (DVD)


Sleeping Like a Baby Pinky McKay

100 Ways to calm the crying Pinky McKay

Parenting by Heart Pinky McKay

Silent Nights (Sleeping & Babies) Brian Symon

The Baby Book W & M Sears

Books For Children

Hello Baby Jenni Overend 

Where Do Babies Come From Sally Ann Wright 

Mom, Dad and I are Having a Baby

Support People

The Birth Partner Penny Simkin

Making Birth Easier Andrea Robertson

So, You’re Going to be a Dad Peter Carey

First Time Fathers Sean Callery 

Useful Internet Links (Queensland Centre for Mothers & Babies) (Australian College of Midwives) ( Australian Breastfeeding Association) (Paediatrician) (International Breastfeeding organization) (immunization website)