Meet The Midwives
Please take the time out to read about and get to know more about each of our extraordinary midwives.

Rosie Blyth
After being a stay-at-home mum for fifteen years to my four children, now all adults, I completed a Bachelor of Nursing in 1998 at Griffith University. I then went on to complete a Masters of Midwifery with Honours in 2001 and have worked as a Midwife since then. I have been very fortunate to have worked in midwifery continuity of care models for the majority of my career. My husband, Alan, and I moved to the Gold Coast in 2006 when I started work in the Birth Centre at the Gold Coast Hospital. Prior to our move to the Gold Coast I worked in the Birth Centre at the Royal Brisbane & Women's Hospital for almost four years. I currently lecture in the Bachelor of Midwifery program at Griffith University where I am also undertaking my doctoral studies.

I believe that every woman who chooses to should have access to a known midwife who provides her care throughout her pregnancy, labour and birth, and the vital early weeks of parenthood. I feel privileged to not only be able to provide this type of care to women and their families but to also be teaching the next generation of midwives.

While I work hard at what I do I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends and love nothing more than a big gathering of family and friends. This is especially so if it means I get to cook and try out new recipes. As well as our four children and their respective spouses and partners, Alan and I have 2 gorgeous grandchildren, Jude (6) and Cleo (4), both born at home, with me as their mum's midwife. Grandchildren really are one of life's great joys and blessings! I also love reading, walking and going to the beach.
Maria Nixon
Profile of Maria Nixon
Hi, my name is Maria Nixon and I am one of 3 midwives who has excitingly embarked on what has always been my ultimate working goal: to work 'with women' in private practice with a group of like-minded midwives. My passion for women's choice and my belief that birth is a healing, beautiful and an empowering experience has led me on my journey of working with families to provide safe and positive outcomes.

I have been married to my husband, Shane, for 30 years, we have 2 great children and four gorgeous grandchildren.   Originally from New Zealand we decided to relocate as a young family to Australia in 1988. When our children were old enough, I decided it was time to work towards my long time passion to become a midwife. This involved me completing my Bachelor of Nursing, followed by a short stint working as a Registered Nurse. I eagerly applied to go back to university in 2000 to complete my Master of Midwifery through Griffith University.  

My 11 year career as a midwife has seen me working at the Gold Coast Hospital primarily in Birth Suite for 6 years before spending the last 4 years in the Birth Centre.  The Birth Centre was always going to be a stepping stone for me and though I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience employed as a  caseload midwife, providing antenatal, birth, and postnatal care to 40 women each year, I knew it was not the pinnacle of my career. To achieve this I believed I needed to take the next step, which  was to move out of the hospital setting and into the home working alongside my clients and truly being 'with women'.

My philosophy on pregnancy, birth and beyond is that it's a significant time in every woman's life. It is a normal event  and when left alone will follow its natural course. By trusting their bodies and the birth process women achieve this endlessly. Through preparation, education, support and careful watching, a midwife can enable her to achieve this. I believe that a woman is more likely to achieve the birth she wants if she has the following:

    ⁃   the right to choose a midwife as her primary carer

    ⁃   have continuity of care with her midwife

    ⁃   care that is safe, individual and woman-centred

    ⁃   is family orientated

    ⁃   chooses her place of birth

    ⁃   nurtured, and be involved in all decisions about her care

    ⁃   makes informed decisions based on the best available evidence. 

    ⁃   I never grow tired of educating and supporting  women, and it still inspires me watching women work to birth their babies, esctatic when they accomplish it  and grow in confidence as mums.